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Hello you beauts! I’m really happy to be finally sharing this post today after trialling out some absolute gems – four sleep improving and enriching products from Feather and Down. I received the all purpose sleep balm, a pillow spray, a soothing body oil and melting shower cream* – hint – looove. πŸ˜‰ I’ve been struggling to have quality sleep for a few months now, after never having an issue drifting off I feel like it all just hit me at once and I’ve just been pretty crappy. (I’m sure my first exam season at university and moving house has contributed, but I’m finally getting back on track to having proper sleep which makes me super happy.)

Feather and Down sent over one of the most beautiful parcels I’ve ever seen, wrapped in a gorgeous deep blue box featuring a bow and sprig of lavender. Nestled inside the package I found my four goodies – how beautiful is the packaging? I’m obsessed with the muted ombre and stars, it already made we want to get cosy and relax.

The milky white shower cream turns fairly runny which definitely makes a little go a long way – the more you rub it in the oilier it gets which is quite a soothing motion as it is, but paired with the creamy lavender scent it’s really relaxing. I didn’t actually realise I was the biggest fan of lavender scents before using these products, but I think paired with chamomile it’s seriously good and calming. The sleep balm is one of my favourite products because it is just so versatile. It’s a solid balm in a cute little pot, and when you rub is you get an oily residue on your fingers ready to rub onto your pulse points. I think the fragrance is slightly less strong on this product and you get a stronger chamomile pay-off, which is lovely. This product is so easy to take anywhere, and I know every holiday I go on from now on I’ll have this with me – mainly for the flights. You’ll easily be able to take it on board as it’s a solid as the muted calming scent will be amazing to relax and drift off on the plane.

I also received a soothing body oil and a pillow spray – I had wanted to try a pillow spray for such a long time after seeing them bob around everywhere and struggling with my sleep, so I was buzzed when I saw this! I personally use it by spraying fairly generously on my pillow, and then flipping it over, with just one light spritz on the up-side. The scent is definitely relaxing but I personally think it’s really nice to have something to focus on as you’re dozing – it helps keep my ridiculous late night life-planning thoughts (just me?) at bay and I’ve seen a difference in how quickly I fall asleep after trialling this.

Finally, the body oil comes with a spray top that spritzes out the product in an even mist. Although all the products have the same scent, this one is a little stronger in my opinion and I absolutely love it – it makes me remember staying in Tuscany in a hill-top villa with my family, with lots of lavender and fragrant plants dotted around. The oil itself spreads easily and absorbs into my skin really well, I’m a big fan of this one! I really love the range and I know I’ll be buying these repetitively – I have a couple of friends in mind who need to try them ASAP.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you like the look of most?



    • Emma
      05/09/2017 / 10:19 AM

      If you struggle it’s definitely worth checking out! I’ve been using these for a while now and they really are helping! Thanks for your comment lovely πŸ™‚ xxx

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