Our couples holidays

Hello my beauts! I wanted to write a post today as a little add-on to my last dating post – the best first dates. It gave me all the feels and I’ve been thinking about my best memories with my boyfriend, Jack. Although we have the best times literally just lying together chatting, some of the best memories we’ve shared have of course been our holidays – I just love visiting new places with different cultures! So I thought I’d write a round up of our couples holidays together since dating to now. (I’m just going to go into the foreign ones rather that UK breaks here or it’d probably get far too rambly!) If you want to know more about any of these holidays you can find them all on the travel tab of my blog.

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Milan – June 2016

This was our first holiday together as a couple, and we had the best time ever! We were massively surprised by our hotel room which had a little entryway, a lovely bedroom, a living room/bar area and two bathrooms – how cool is that? We did so bloody much walking throughout this holiday and saw lakes, the city, and one of my highlights was going to a bar called Nottingham forest. It looks kind of the equivalent to the alchemist bars in the UK, where the drinks are all very experimental – some of them smoke and bubble and they’re all so pretttyyyyy.

Iceland – November 2016

It’s actually way to hard trying to choose a small number of pictures from Iceland because Iceland is just the greatest place on earth – go there for a long weekend or so and you have enough Pinterest-worthy pictures to last you a lifetime! Love love love looooove. Iceland was our second holiday as a couple and my personal favourite so far; although Malta does come close. The thing I love most about Iceland is it’s so naturally beautiful, you go there for what’s already there and untouched lands, and it’s just the greatest. (The blue lagoon is pretty damn cool too!)

Paris – December 2016

We actually went to Paris purely to see Disney at Christmas-time! I had been gifted some money through my university where I had good grades, and so I thought we might as well go away with it and make some memories, rather than spending the money on clothes and things I probably wouldn’t remember I ever bought. We didn’t manage to fit all the rides in and would definitely spend a couple more days in Disney next time, but we had so much fun together and it was a truly magical Christmas break. I’d love to go away for some Christmas markets this year.

Malta – April 2017

Malta was our most recent break away together and our first beachy holiday. We fit in so many things here and pretty much explored the entire island which was amazing and really satisfying knowing we had done. We kayaked through caves in the sea, segwayed through Malta’s sister island, Comino, lounged on the beach, swam and walked a million years, I loved it! Jack says this is his favourite holiday tied with Iceland we’ve been on since we got together.

We’re planning on going away together by the end of this year also, and then hopefully back to Iceland early next year – how exciting! I feel like we’ve been really lucky to be able to experience so many beautiful places in the world since dating, and I can’t wait to see even more. I want to see everywhere and everything! Have you been on a couples holiday? Do you love them?

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