A weekend in Sweden | Gothenburg 2017

I recently got back from a little trip to Sweden – Gothenburg. I took my boyfriend to celebrate his birthday and we had the loveliest three days, so I wanted to share a couple of my snaps. Sweden is renowned for being ridiculously expensive to visit, and this sure as hell lived up to that! Even a sandwich topped £7-£8 which was depressing and unavoidable, but although now rather poor, we did have a great time. 😉 Just definitely don’t go away for a shopping break or anything!

We arrived fairly early on the Friday after heading to the airport at ridiculous o’clock in the morning. We stayed at Hotel Flora which is right on the river and the perfect amount of central. The ceilings were gorgeously high and the bed was so comfy, I absolutely loved it! I had a quick power nap before we went and explored the city.

It seriously poured as we were having a wander so we picked up a (very expensive!) umbrella and just went for it. The city is gorgeous with an H&M around every single corner, along with a million of the same Irish pub.. I feel like loads of European countries have so many of the same shop in such a small range which genuinely baffles me haha!

After a whole load of walking and another power nap (loool,) we headed to the Hard Rock Café on one of the main strips. I had a grilled vegetable and Halloumi wrap and we both had a funky little cocktail. We headed for a glass of wine afterwards and settled down for the night.

On day two we decided to spend our time at Liseberg theme park. We went on the rollercoasters (one of which screwed my system up and made me feel shit, booo!) a little water ride, and a live action horror maze.

We also won a ginormous chocolate bar (filled with loads of other chocolate bars!) We first tried this in Iceland and I loved it so I was thrilled to the gills.

We went on the big ferris wheel thing and headed back to the hotel for a takeaway and inbetweeners marathon.

The next day we decided to explore some more of the city and ended up walking forever. We found some gorgeous little nooks and ended up walking past a bunch of war-ships which had a free open day, so why not explore!

There was a little complex of about 6 boats, and you could go into the main chambers inside – as well as in a submarine. We queued for the submarine for a while but the queue didn’t seem to be moving and there was a creepy guy in front of us so we left that there and moved on!

We still had loads of time to kill after eating lunch, so we hopped in a taxi to an aquarium/indoor rainforest/discovery place. There were loads of different sections and we ended up having such a good time here!

This guy was sat on top of the tunnel which was so strange to see, I thought he was fake for a while but where he started moving I was soon proved wrong!

The rainforest section was amazing – way too hot to spend too much time in there at once (we kept ducking in and out,) but pretty fricken cool. There were birds flying around, fish all about (including piranhas – eeeek,) and supposedly monkeys in certain sections – although we only spotted a sloth. But he was a massive cutie, sloths are just the best haha!

We spent our last evening reading and chilling, and then headed back to England for a giant nights sleep! Have you visited Sweden? Would you like to go to Gothenburg?



  1. 27/10/2017 / 11:26 AM

    Very enjoyable blog. That is how a great place looks from the eyes of a great adventurer. So full of energy and passion. Keep writing.

    • Emma
      21/09/2017 / 10:07 AM

      Thank you! It was so fun 🙂 xxx

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