My date night prep

Hello you beauts, I wanted to write up a little post about date night preparation – the things I do. I’ve been in a relationship with my boyfriend for a while now so I don’t always make this much effort (sorry Jack 😉 ) but if we’re going somewhere fancy, or when you first start seeing someone, this are the steps I take!

I start my little routine by lighting a few candles and putting on some music. I find nothing more relaxing than gentle candle flickering and some banging tunes really get me in the mood – hyped up and ready to go or slightly more relaxed depending on if the nerves have hit. 😉

I then run a bubble bath and stick in one of my favourite bath bombs – tending to steer away from ones with too much glitter so I don’t look like a walking disco ball! 😉 I always have a shave and good soak, before getting out and climbing into a fluffy dressing gown.

I usually start with my hair so my makeup is as fresh as possible. I like a light, tousled curl for date nights as it looks fairly effortless and I think gets even nicer throughout the night as it messes up a little. I tend to make my makeup a natural ‘your face but better’ look as I’ve never wanted to look like I’ve made too much effort (even though I definitely have ahaha!) I’m really liking this Sephora eye contour palette at the moment, and the pink tones are perfect for a date night. I also like to make sure my nails are freshly painted or at least filed with a clear gloss on top.

I wear one of my favourite underwear sets on date nights – even when you start dating someone and you know you’re not getting it out it gives me so much confidence knowing there’s some beautiful lace hugging my body. I’m obsessed with this set from Boux Avenue at the moment – you can use my code ‘EMMAS20’ for 20% off. Depending on what the date is, I like to wear clothes I feel flatter me in every position – for example if I’m going to a bar and will be sitting down a lot I won’t want to be wearing anything too tight.

Finally I like to wear one or two pieces of my favourite jewellery and have a lovely fragrance on. I never put too much on as I think a delicious muted scent that you smell if you hug someone or get close, is far more attractive than smelling really strongly if you just walk by. One of my all time favourites is Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs – it’s so fresh and pretty, and not too strong so perfect for date nights!

As I said, I think people particularly make effort for fancy date nights, and at the beginning of dating someone new – especially if you’ve met someone through a dating app and haven’t seen them in person before. Scary times! If you are currently online dating and want to try new sites you can have a look at these local sites – Glasgow dating site, Cardiff dating site, Hampshire dating site, Kent dating siteNorthampton dating site.

What is your date night prep?

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  1. 28/09/2017 / 9:47 PM

    I totally agree about the lingerie being sexy even if they are not going to see it. It’s about how you feel!! Great Post. I forget about how much fun it can be getting ready for a date!!

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