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Hello my beauts! Today’s post is a little gift guide – something I haven’t done for a few months now and am definitely missing. I wanted to make this one a little gifts for your other half guide, or your date. If you haven’t been dating someone for particularly long it can be difficult when birthdays come round and you want to get something but you don’t want to go overboard, or don’t really know where to start. Without further ado!

My first idea is one I love and use time and time again – a movie night in hamper. I just think this is so thoughtful and cute but doesn’t cost too much at all – it’s such a good all-round option suited to so many different people. I bought a popcorn bucket from Amazon, and filled it with different Cadbury’s chocolate, microwave popcorn and DVDs. Perfect excuse for a cosy night in!

This is definitely a gift for the other half – you might look a little too keen if you’ve only just started seeing someone. 😉 I absolutely love these lovebooks – I actually bought one for my boyfriend on this years valentines day and it’s so bloody cute. You create little people to represent you both, and then put your little people in all sorts of different situations with whatever caption and personalisation you like. A lot of the examples are ‘reasons why I love you,’ but you can do all sorts of little adventures and other cute things also.

Date night! Especially good for if you’ve just started seeing someone and are completely lost for gift ideas, plan a fun surprise day out. Go rope climbing, to a theme park, mini golf and lunch – whatever floats your boat! You can read my date nights post here. For other physical gifts, have a look at aftershaves – Dior Sauvage is absolutely amazing. (When buying aftershaves for your OH I always suggest buying one you also love – you’ll be smelling it a lot after all!) Cinema gift cards encourage more date nights along with takeaway vouchers – yum.

I seriously love buying things for other people, and getting creative with ideas. Dating is so fun and date gifting brings a sometimes daunting element to the mix which is worth planning a little bit so you get it spot on. If you are currently online dating and want to try new sites you can have a look at these – Oxford dating site, Staffordshire dating site, Suffolk dating site, Southampton dating site, and Over 50s dating.

What are your gift ideas?

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  1. izzziesky
    06/10/2017 / 3:05 PM

    these a super cute and fun, loving all your work.

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