Testing out a new makeup brand | Proto-col

Hello you beauts! I’ve recently tried out a whole bunch of products from Proto-col*, a British company specialising in collagen skincare and mineral cosmetics. I’m always well up for trying out new things and trying to discover hidden gems in the beauty world, so of course I hopped at the chance to try some things out from the range. The lovely Laura picked out all the little gems above for me.

As always I was instantly drawn to the lip products, I absolutely love the pink bullet packaging of my lipstick and the lip glosses have LED lights that automatically come on as you twist the top off – this along with the mirror along the side means you can literally apply anywhere and everywhere.

The lipstick I received is in the shade rose, which is a pinky-red rose (no way 😉 ) hue. It does look a little more pink on my lips but I absolutely love this – it makes them look so full. It also has a lovely sheen to it as it’s enriched with natural oils – yet it doesn’t slip around the face as long as you leave it to sit a little after application. It wears off throughout the day fairly evenly so you don’t get so much of the pale patch on the inner lip. You can buy it for £9.95 here.

As for the lip glosses, I have the shade abigails sparkle and pink quartz – abigails sparkle being the red shade. These cost £9.95 each and there are nine to choose from. The brushes themselves are quite stiff and I did find I had to apply at the perfect angle to make sure the light wasn’t in my eyes, but they taste pretty good (although I probably shouldn’t be eating my lip gloss haha!) and for glosses they’re nicely pigmented.

My skin care product is the moisturising facial gel, and this my friends is an absolute winner for me! It costs £9.50 or £21.95 depending on the size you buy, and a little really does go a long way here. The product is so light weight and seriously whipped – it’s strong and hold its shape like whipped egg-whites yet spreads beautifully, I really love this! It sinks into the skin really quickly and gives it that tight clean feeling, which has been my favourite makeup base in a long time. I will absolutely be purchasing this again when my tub runs out.

For the eyes I had the mineral eye crayon and smoky trio eyeshadow. The eye crayon costs £11.95 which definitely isn’t the cheapest I’ve seen and I personally think runs slightly higher priced than the other products, however I couldn’t actually take a bet as to when this would run out – I’ve used it copious times now through trialling it and I’ve yet to make an actual dent, so we will see! As far as eye pencils go, this is super pigmented and lasts really well throughout the day. As I use eye pencils in my water line I like to ensure I’m using a fairly natural product, and this is paraben free and suitable for sensitive eyes so a winner for me. I would say I’ll repurchase this but I don’t actually think it will ever run out so maybe I won’t have to. 😉

Finally I have the mineral eyeshadow trio in the smoky variation, which is another product suitable for sensitive eyes. These aren’t as pigmented as the other products, however with a bit of layering you do get a really decent colour pay-off; and the layering process means they do last really well throughout the night. (I personally like to use an eyeshadow primer with all eye products also.)

Swatch-city! From top to bottom we have – black mineral eye crayon, smoky eyeshadow trio, rose vanilla bean lipstick, Abigail’s sparkle gloss and pink quartz gloss. I want to point out here – when I was washing these off my arm the eye crayon swatch literally didn’t budge haha! Overall I’m so glad I got the chance to try out this brand! I’m especially in love with the moisturiser, eye crayon and rose lipstick – swooooooon. What do you think? Has anything caught your eye?


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