Christmas tree decoration wish list

It’s the most, wonderful time, of the yeaaaar. It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Christmas (and Disney if you couldn’t tell, 😉 ) and this year is the first year I’ll be decorating my very own tree since moving out with my boyfriend. We have zero (well one that I was gifted last year) baubles so I’ve been having a browse for the best ones, and I wanted to share with you the absolute gems I’ve found that are right at the top of my wishlist.

1 – Disney’s UP decoration | £12.99 | Link
A great film and a fricken amazing decoration! It’s obviously not too cheap, but it’s from the actual Disney store so sure to be good quality, and considering decorations can last years and years this could actually be a steal!

2 – Sleeping Beauty fairy bauble | £13 | Link
I love the intricacy and detail on all the fairies in this bauble, and I love the film so this is way up my wishlist.

3 – Seven Dwarfs decorations | £12 | Link
All the dwarfs are available in this range and I just think it would be amazing to have them all dotted around the tree as a collection.

4 – Tinkerbell ring decoration | £13 | Link
I love the hollow part of this and the whole design, it’s definitely one I want to buy!

5 – Cinderella ornament | £12.99 | Link 
Again with the dwarfs, I want to collect all the princesses too, I’ve actually had my eye on these for a couple of years now but never got round to buying them – maybe now I have my own tree to decorate I will!

6 – Primark Disney pack of 6 baubles £4
You should definitely pop into Primark to have a look at their new Disney and Harry Potter baubles. They’re so beautiful and really well priced!

7 – The Nutcracker | £5 | Link
This is possibly my favourite of them all. It screams Christmas, has such beautiful details and is also such a good price! Love love loooove.

To bulk out the Christmas tree I’ll be buying pretty little multipacks like these ones. Or this set of six animal decorations for £25.

9 – Big snow scene bauble | £10 | Link
This bauble reminds me of one we have back home with my family and I just love it!

10 – The cutest fricken fox you ever did see | £5 | Link
I just love this fox, and it’s in a similar style to the only other decoration I own so I feel I just have to buy it. 😉

11 – Golden weave bauble | £7 | Link
This one is just so elegant and will no doubt look so pretty against the green pine needles.

12 – Red leaf striped bauble | £4 | Link
The last bauble I’ve picked out is this simple red and gold leaf print design. Red just screams Christmas and joy and I love the cute detail on this.

So there’s my little round-up of all the best baubles I’ve found through a couple of evenings of having a browse. What do you think? Have you found any that you’ll definitely be buying?


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