BARGAIN eBay Christmas buys

I love a good bargain and eBay is deffo the place to look when you want a good deal on decorations and novelties; although sometimes all that choice can be daunting to sift through! I’ve been having a little scour and thought I’d compile a bunch of my top picks and some crazy-good deals you might want to take advantage of! Without further ado…

1 – Family sleigh decoration £9.99 | Link
I just adore this personalised tree decoration of all the family in the sleigh – you can vary how many people you fit in there (the less people the more decorations like trees and presents pop up in the sleigh so you’re not missing out if you’re a small family!)

2 – Christmas eve box topper £4 | Link
I’m all about Christmas eve boxes this year and I think this personalised topper would be so cute if you’re making a Christmas eve box out of a shoebox or something similar and want to jazz it up a little. I would love to get a plain one and paint and decorate it myself!

3 – Snowman/Reindeer/Santa ornament £3.80 | Link
I absolutely love the style of these ornaments – I just think they look so cute dotted around the house. These ones would make gorgeous little table toppers – maybe set a different character at different places at the table.

4 – 18″ Wreath £11 | Link
I tend not to have wreaths around Christmas time and I just don’t know why. Due to lack of good reason I’ll absolutely be buying one from eBay to jazz up my door this year!

5 – Christmas ribbon £1.50 | Link
eBay is the place to look for gift wrap and ribbon if you’re gifting lots of presents and don’t want to rack up a huge bill on the wrapping part. This ribbon is really decently priced considering how much you get.

6 – Wrapping paper – nutcracker | Link | Link
As with the above point, you can get such good deals on gift wrap. When wrapping presents for stockings I like to have as many different wrapping papers as possible as I just think it looks that much more exciting and reminds me of being a kid, and this is where you can bulk buy on eBay for really great prices.

7 – Cutlery holder 99p | Link
I was eyeing up different cutlery holders last year and I’ve just stumbled across this reindeer one with other familiar faces. It’s basically just a pocket you slip your cutlery in so it looks magical at the table.. but that it does my friends, that it does.

8 – Serving triangle plate £9.99 | Link
I’ll be baking up a storm this Christmas, and once you’ve carefully made cute little Christmas treats I think it’s great to have somewhere just as cute to present them!

9 – Nordic snow globe £13.95 | Link
I’ve never actually owned a snow globe but I think this year may just be the one after finding this little gem!

10 – Personalised embroidered stocking £6.70 | Link
I’m all about a bit of novelty personalisation near Christmas time (trust me!) and although you wouldn’t fit a whole bunch of presents in these little stockings I think they look so cute. Plus it would be a really cute way to present a jewellery gift or something! (And I had to include it seeing as one had my name on ahah!)

11 – Stag duvet £10+ | Link
One of my many obsessions is nice bedding… I know that’s a bit weird but it fits in with the whole homeware thing and I love nothing more than being cosied up in bed with a good film and snacks near Christmas time. I actually have this duvet in blue that I bought a year or two ago and I love it! If you’re into tacky Christmas things like me you should also have a search on eBay of other Christmas bedding as they have sooo much to choose from!

12 – Pillowcase £1.69 | Link
I’ve already been shopping around for different pillows and pillowcases because I love seasonally changing them up and adding new depths and dimensions to rooms. Again, there’s a whole bunch on eBay from wonderfully tacky to more classy Christmas designs.

What do you think? Have you found any eBay bargains for Christmas? Have any of my picks caught your eye?


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