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Hello my beauts! Today I wanted to talk to you about a new company I’ve been introduced to – Paperless Post. Paperless post has a pool of well known designers who create online and printed stationery – you can send birthday cards, invitations, save the dates and lots more. I’m really open to this new form of card giving and communication; the designs are so cute, it’s so easy to create and you’re never going to be too late with postage dates, genius!

I jumped at the chance to work with this company because I honestly think it’s a bit of a revolution! When it comes to big things like 21st Birthdays, Weddings and so on I would always lean towards the physical tangible cards/stationery, but with some people and some events this is absolutely the way forward. For example, I would absolutely love to send these for a Halloween or New Years party – events I wouldn’t normally create physical invitations for but would thrive off a cute personal touch. (You can also track attendees on the website so you know who’s coming.) The birthday cards would also be amazing for those friends who you normally just post on their Facebook page – this is just as quick and easy but definitely sets you above the rest.

So let me talk to you about Birthday Cards! You simply choose your favourite card design and get cracking, you can choose whether to add an extra background, and then you get round to customising the card text, fonts and colours – make it pretty. 😉 After this you can add a virtual envelope – you really get to edit so many of the details which is fab. How sweet is the card I made? Your recipient gets an email showing the envelope with an open me message – you edit the subject and the ‘from’ section so they know it’s from you and legit. This then takes them to an online page where they get to open and appreciate their card.

Overall I really do think this is such a fun, unique company and I’ll absolutely be using them time and time again for fun events and birthdays. What do you think? Will you be giving Paperless Post a go?

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  1. 21/10/2017 / 4:29 AM

    This is so cute, I absolutely love all this stationary type stuff and Paperless Post is such a cool idea I’m definitely going to have a look around the website!

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