Halloween fun and cocktails | Soho Juice

Happy Halloween witches!! How are you spending it? I wanted to share with you a fun little post today featuring some Halloween goodies – with courtesy of Soho Juice. The Soho Juice company sells cocktail mixers in the spirit of Soho (no way 😉 ) – and they mix perfectly with any vodka or tequila. I thought I’d add some goodies and make a Halloween themed night of it!

I tried out the blood orange, raspberry and ginger drink alongside the cucumber, mint, lemon and lime flavour. Mixing the orange one with vanilla vodka and the cucumber one with gin. I feel like the orange drink particularly is in a league of it’s own – it’s seriously so tasty and just has the best blend of flavours. I really enjoyed trying this one out. The cucumber drink tastes very concentrated – you get a massive hit of cucumber so if you’re into that it’s worth trying out. For me the cucumber one needed a few more ingredients to get my perfect blend.

I also made some Halloweeny cupcakes and picked out some of my favourite films – dead silence, sinister and the purge. I love a good horror film all year round but I think especially round Halloween they’re super fun to watch as it feels perfectly suited. A good horror and yummy snacks is me all over.

We also carved some pumpkins – pretty snazzy huh? 😉 I think it’s so much more fun to carve pumpkins when you’re older and they actually turn out okay unlike the little triangle faces you would carve as a youngster when you have no skill and no imagination to make anything slightly more exciting! (That should probably read – no Google to research the imaginative designs. 😉 )

Have you been up to any fun Halloween activities? How are you spending your evening?


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