October favourites and UNfavourites

Hello you beauts, happy November! Favourites posts for three months in a row now – I’ve never been so organised! I didn’t buy too many new things in October (other than a bunch of Christmas decorations but that’s not completely appropriate for this post 😉 ) but I did win a fabulous giveaway which allowed me try out a bunch of products I hadn’t before. Let’s get into it…

So first up are the Disney prints I’ve loved a million times over – you can buy them on Etsy here in a few different variations. I love all things Disney to be honest but I feel like these are a bit more grown up and look great as wall/dressing room décor.

I’m about to fully enlighten you with the Loella brush set in a complete review so keep an eye out for that, but I do really think these brushes are amazing. I swapped my brushes straight up for them during my trial and I’ve really seen a difference in my makeup, they’re great! The snazzy mermaid tail brush is from WISH, a really cheap app selling a whole bunch of things from China if you’re unaware. While a lot of the products from there are a bit shit (excuse me 😉 ) you can also bag some serious bargains!

The Miss Dior perfume is for sure my new favourite – up with the likes of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream which I’m obsessed with. This perfume also actually lasts so long on which is amazing because I feel like you only ever get that longevity with men’s aftershaves. This is ticking every single box for me!

Also from my amazing giveaway winnings, I’ve been using the Kat Von D shade and light palette, and I am so bloody thankful. The bottom contour shades are good and last a while, but they’re not the reason this is in my favourites. The full reason is actually the top right two shades. These are incredible, I’ve never tried powder products like them!! They’re so pigmented yet blendable and fully cover imperfections. I have really light patches under my eyes where you can see a little vein on each one, and they literally disappear when using these two.

You’ve obviously seen the naked heat here there and everywhere and to me it really is as good as it looks! The colours are beautiful and absolutely perfect for autumn, and as always with Urban Decay shadows, they’re super blendable, super pigmented and this will sure last a hell of a long time. Both of these products do cost a fair amount but you really do get what you pay for here, and they won’t be running out any time soon.

I haven’t been particularly disliking anything this month, but there are two products that haven’t done too much for me so I thought I’d include them in my UNfavourites section. First up is the burt’s bees lip balm in this particular eucalyptus mint flavour. It feels like a plumping, kinda stingy lip balm when it’s actually not, and it doesn’t feel too moisturising at all which is of course the reason I bought it. I actually really love Burt’s bees, but this particular product isn’t for me.

Finally, I’m really quite disappointed with the Kiehl’s spot treatment. Considering you pay over £20 for a tiny tube, mixed with the fact it does actually nothing for blemishes at all rather than slightly dry out and sting your face, it’s awful. So much money for such an irrelevant product. As well as before, I do really rate some products from the brand but this is no where near up to their usual standards.

What have you been loving/hating this month?


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