The best couples Christmas markets

Hello you beauts! I’m actually obsessed with Christmas (as I’m sure most of you will full well know by now 😉 ) so I thought I’d write a little list of all the best Christmas markets for couples – some I’ve been to and some are top of my list to visit! Usually they open on the last weekend of November so I thought now was a good time to post! Without further ado…

My top is absolutely the Berlin Christmas markets – they have quite a few different ones across the city but generally, they’re so romantically toned. Beautiful Christmas lights, magical themes, music and lots of yummy wine. I went here with my friend before and we were both like dude, this is making me need a cuddle hahaha!

Brighton is another place you have to visit near Christmas! There’s not any particular markets like some of the other places, however you can skate right outside of the pavilion which is all lit up (amazinggg,) and there are lights and festivities everywhere. It’s a beautiful place year-round but I think it’s especially special walking around the lanes this time of year. Definitely one to add to the list. (There’s also supposed to be a Winter Wonderland coming to Brighton this year!)

Bath is supposed to be seriously epic for its Christmas markets. I haven’t actually been yet (during Christmas-time anyway,) but me and my boyfriend have booked it for the opening weekend in November! I really can’t wait to go because it’s supposed to be one of the best in the UK.

Winter Wonderland is of course one to add to the list. I wouldn’t say it’s quite as romantic as the others purely because it gets sooo busy and less personal. But time it right and you can visit the ice sculptures together and skate around live bands – cute!

Finally, the Prague Christmas markets. They’re supposed to be the most picturesque ever (and they deffo look it ahah!) They’re 100% on my list to visit one day.

What do you think? Have you been to any of these Christmas markets? What markets would you love to visit with your date? If you’re looking to try online dating and get cosy this Christmas then you should have a little peek at the following location-based sites – Essex dating, Surrey dating, senior dating, Isle of Man dating agency and London dating agency.

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