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Hello you lovelies! I’m a massive fan of Etsy and the quirky handmade things they sell, so I thought it’d be rude not to create an Etsy gift guide as part of my upcoming collective Christmas guides. Etsy has such a massive range of personalised and meaningful things, and a big range of prices to match this so there really is something for everyone! Without further ado, here are my top picks:

  • Monogrammed stocking | £17.43
    It’s kind of become a tradition with my family to have a different stocking every year, we just never stick to one but I think it makes it super fun having something different sat at the end of the bed each year! I love getting personalised things when it comes to Christmas (can you tell? 😉 ) and I think it’s super handy when it comes to stockings!
  • Personalised docking station | £17.50
    I just love this nifty little docking station – it’s got lots of places to hang your extras like watches and glasses, and I just think is so handy to have bedside. You can personalise this with a name/phrase which I think makes it extra special as a Christmas gift. Loveeeee.
  • Chameleon pillow | £15.05
    As a massive homeware obsessive I’m fully loving the pillows on Etsy, how cute is this chameleon one? I neeeeed it!
  • Harry Potter cats mugs | £4.99
    My whole family are huge Harry Potter obsessives, and I will absolutely have to buy this mug for one of them. At only a fiver it’s a serious steal!
  • Harry Potter Niffler pin | £8
    I absolutely love Hannah Hitchman’s shop – she sells her own designed pins of Harry Potter characters and my god it’s love. I bought a bunch of these for my family last year and I’ll definitely be buying more this year. She’s also such a lovely person so definitely worth checking out!
  • Hand-made felted phone cases/sleeves | £24.13
    You can also get these in iPad sizes and they’re so bloody cute! She has so many different styles to choose from – all of my family own these (we got them as Christmas gifts one year,) and I 100% recommend!
  • City map prints – 50×70 | £43.98 for three
    I have these in my hall and I’m so obsessed! You can get any city printed and they’re just so beautiful – buy your giftee prints of their favourite cities and this is so meaningful!
  • Laptop stickers | £5
    Just a little stocking filler but so fricken adorbs. I just love these and need them allll.
  • Raspberry prosecco sweets | £6.50
    I feel like these are the perfect grown up stocking fillers, they’re so fricken cute and sound amaaaazing. I’ll take ten! 😉
  • Bath shelf | £22
    I’ve actually wanted one of these for so long and I think this one is perfect! It’s a fab quality and will be so perfect propping your book/iPad (ooooh riskayy) over the bath to chill.
  • Robin necklace | £9.95
    Another cute stocking filler just perfect for Christmas! I need this bad-boy.
  • Engraved compass | £67.33
    Finally, this compass is obviously a bit higher priced than the rest but I just think it’s amazing. I can think of a good few people who this would be absolutely perfect for.

So there are my current top picks from Etsy – it’s definitely a shop worth checking out, if will give you a whole bunch of gift giving inspiration! Do you have any top Etsy picks?



  1. 27/11/2017 / 8:10 PM

    These are all so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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