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Hello you lovelies! I just love shopping for people, but I find shopping for men the hardest by far and find these guides so helpful when it comes to new ideas and products. I feel like generally it’s a lot easier to buy for people you have the most in common with, so obviously there are gunna be a few differences between us and our dads/brother/boyfriends. I feel like there’s a good range in this guide so I hope it comes in useful for some of you!

Harry Potter merch is pretty much perfect for everyone I know – I seem to pick my friends for their love of Harry Potter. 😉 If he’s into the films you can have a look at some of the collectible wands. They are £30 so not the cheapest but they’re such good quality and perfect replicas – definitely worth a look!

If he’s into being creative you should have a look at the metal earth sets. They’re small metal sheets that you basically assemble to make little firgures – planes, star wars characters, cars and loads more options. They range from about £5-10 each.

Aftershave is always well appreciated! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when it comes to boyfriends you should always choose fragrances that you personally like too. (You’re going to be smelling them as well!) My two favourite male scents of all time are Diesel Bad £48, and Dior Sauvage £69.50. (Dependent on sizes.)

A whole bunch of his favourite chocolate – for obvious reasons!

Something reminiscent of their childhood will always be well received – I bought my boyfriend a laser engraved Pokémon pokeball thing last year (particularly hard to explain 😉 ) and he loved it! (And while we’re actually, if Pokémon was his/your thing, it’s soo worth having a look at the Pretty Suds bath bombs where you hatch your own Pokémon!)

I also just want to add the note of things he needs – I know sometimes the things you actually need aren’t necessarily ‘gift’ material, but if you stock someone completely up shower gel, deodorant or a tool he needs for example, it will be so appreciated.

Clothes are an obvious pick if you can match someone’s style so I wanted to include it as a part of this. I tend to have a look at ASOS, River Island (which I find much better for men than women,) and sometimes Topman. I like having a look at the sale sections online also as I feel like for men they always have something good hidden away there, whereas when you’re shopping in the women’s sale there’s quiet often nothing at all exciting!

A bottle of their favourite booze is generally an easy gift for most people and always a winner!

Experience days are one of the best gifts in my opinion – the gift that keeps on giving! You’re excited opening it to see what you’ll be doing, then once its booked you’re in excited anticipation, and then once you’ve done it you’ve got all the memories. WHSmith does a good selection from helicopter experiences, holiday mini breaks to alcohol tasting. There’s something for everyone! Prices range from about £20 upwards++++.

Jewellery like watches and rings have so much scope to suit different tastes but are generally a timeless gift for everyone. To get a banging deal you should have a look at the watch, and secretsales.

What are your top buys for him?


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  1. 15/12/2017 / 6:16 AM

    Totally agree – men are quite hard to buy for, no matter what the occassion. I just did a “For Him” gift guide and I’ll tell you…researching it took forever…AND I’m still not 100% satisfied with the choices 😛

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