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Hello! I want to chat with you today about a really cool evolution to apps I’ve recently been introduced to. Apps are something we use on a day-to-day basis – some of which are seriously vital for us to live our normal lives. A lot every day people are the ones to come up with these apps that become such a necessity for so many of us, and I think it’s so interesting to learn about the ins and outs of the development and growth in the industry. If you’re interested in this sort of thing read on to hear about Radar – working on the future of mobile.

Essentially, Radar is the location platform for mobile apps – it provides a tool that helps app developers add location tracking and context to their apps. Alongside this it works with ‘insights’ – allowing app developers (with user permission,) to see where the user lives and works, and when the user is at these locations or travelling. Radar also allows to integrate ‘places,’ telling you when a user is at a place, a chain, or a category (airports for example.) Essentially, Radar works by intertwining location into apps to allow for the best data collection and user enjoyment and engagement.

So how is this useful? If a shopping app can tell when you’ve entered certain stores it can send you relevant push notifications. I’m always using my student discounts and if Unidays or another student based app could tell me when there’s a discount for the exact store I’m in, I would definitely save a bunch more cashola – just one of the reasons I think this is so important to get the news out there! Alongside this delivery apps can tell you exactly where the driver is (hello Deliveroo) and so much more – it’s so useful and something that should be utilised much more so in my opinion. Radar allows you to get this quality service in just a few hours.

I think this is a really interesting concept and something that should be integrated into many more relevant apps, as it really will benefit both the user and the developer with much more accurate and targeted enjoyment. I’m super excited to see more location based programming appear in apps and I can’t wait to see how this keeps developing in order to give us the best experience. Check out Radar here to hear more.

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