Bath and body works Christmas goodies! | My Mallbox review & discount

Hello you little lovelies! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this post because I fucken looooove Bath and Body Works! (If you’ve read my blog for long enough you definitely won’t be surprised by this!) I buy Bath and Body Works from the Facebook group – bath and body works fans uk – and from eBay when I find a good deal, although usually those prices are extortionate. I decided to try out my Mall Box when I saw a good deal on the Christmas products from Bath and Body works and I’m so glad I did. Read on to hear my thoughts!

So I went for four products from the same winter scent range – snowy morning. This was a bit of a risk because I had no idea what they actually smelt like, but I thought they were really pretty and I liked the description so I took the plunge! I have the fragrance mist, the shower gel, body cream and body lotion. I really looooove the scent in the shower gel and really like it in the body creams, but I’m not the biggest fan of the fragrance mist. I don’t know if it’s just me, but sometimes fragrances have this buttery undertone (and I really don’t want to spray anything butter-scented on my body haha!) and this carries that too. I don’t find it with all Bath and Body works fragrance mists (the snowflakes and cashmere is increddd,) but this one’s not for me.

As for My Mall Box, the website is super easy to navigate. When you sign up you’re given an American address, and then you shop online as normal in USA online stores and send it to your new address. (This address is specifically yours and not given out to anyone else, so your stuff won’t get lost/confused with someone elses!) The postage can get pretty extortionate when you buy loads of items – although I guess split accross the lot it’s not too bad, but for my four products I paid about £18 postage – and didn’t get any customs. Because I got such a good deal on bath and body works this really wasn’t bad overall – I still paid under the RRP of all the products so I’m really happy with that. They took just under two weeks to show up and were nicely packaged by Bath and Body Works to keep the costs down in a smaller parcel. If you want to sign up you can get £5 credit here, so you’ll get a nice deal on your first order!

While we’re here I thought I’d write up some thoughts on other bath and body works products I recently purchased. So I bought a set of three foaming hand soaps (I realise this will seem seriously unexciting to some people hahaha!) from eBay as there was a really good deal. I have the scents snowkissed citrus, frosted cranberry and sparkling mint blossom; all in the new season 2017 bottle designs. I’m a big fan of the cranberry and quite like mint blossom, but I do feel like the citrus is far more summery – although it is still a nice scent, just not perfectly suited.

Along with this I bought some hand gels from the Facebook group I talked about. These are last years designs which I think are just so cute. Christmas Morning is one of my favourite smells ever – I had it in the soap last year and just want to bathe my whole body in it forever more! They sadly haven’t sold it this year though – boooo. (I will savour this hand gel!) Overall, as always, I’m obsessed with Bath and Body works and so happy with my purchases. I’ll definitely be buying more in the future and using my mall box to get some more American goodies! What do you think? Will you try out this service?


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