A Christmas trip to Iceland!

So I recently went to Iceland – for the third time (I’m completely in love with the place!) It just doesn’t get old – there are so many beautiful waterfalls and places to explore, I could so happily live there if I could take everyone I loved with me. As always, I wanted to share with you what I got up to and a bunch of serious eye candy.

After being knackered from the travel we spent our first day walking around Reykjavik and grabbing a bite to eat – every time we’ve visited Iceland we’ve bought Pizza from a shop called Hornid in downtown Reykjavik – it’s sooo good and well worth returning to year upon year. (Although this wasn’t actually the best they’ve ever made it – but it was still pretty damn tasty!) We settled in for the night to rest up for a busy second day.

The next morning we had a gorgeous breakfast (we stayed at the Radisson Blu which has such a massive array of choices – waffles, smoothies, breads, cheeses, fruit, yoghurt, cooked breakfasts – so so much!) and headed off for a long drive to the black sand beach in Vik. I’d been to one the year before with my boyfriend but my family hadn’t seen it and I wanted them to experience it! We went to a new one I hadn’t visited before with pretty snazzy rock formations, and then visited a more private one slightly up the coast.

I stole a little bit of sand (if you tell anyone I’ll deny it) to take home and put in a jar – it’s just so pitch black and pretty. We headed past a waterfall on the way back and went out for dinner at the hard rock.

I really fricken love the Hard Rock Café! I ordered a vegan burger which they were annoyingly out of and so went for Quesadillas which I’ve had before and loooved, with fries on the side and a hugeee brownie/ice cream dessert. We headed off to spot the Northern Lights after this but sadly didn’t see a lot. (Considering collectively this was our fourth time in Iceland we thought we were due some!)

The next day we drove ourselves round the Golden Circle tour – most of us have seen these sights before but one of us hadn’t and it’s an absolute must when in Iceland! I could also happily do this again and again, soooo much pretty. After spending the day exploring we stopped in a national park in hopes of some proper Northern lights – and although we did see some flickers which was cool it was really nothing special at this point. We headed back to get more pizza (of course 😉 ) and debated whether or not to go back out to try and spot the lights. We were tired and not so hopeful after the last two times so only two of us (not me!) headed out looking. After about 15 minutes we got a phone call saying “we’re coming to get you NOW” from our family and thought oh shit, it’s real!

Luckily we got there at the absolute perfect time, the sky was green and waving and then suddenly all at once the whole sky was alight with these stunning Northern lights – green waves dancing around the sky and massive formations (one looked exactly like a jellyfish!) floating above us. They even tinged pink which is super rare and only happens when they’re really bright. Absolute magic and one of the best things I have ever ever experienced. They soon became their normal green waves floating around again and the main event was over, but it was just lovely and I’m so grateful to have experienced it! (My phone takes the shoddiest night pictures but you get the idea. 😉 )

For our last day we had planned to go to the Blue Lagoon, but hadn’t actually booked it and so didn’t get in. (CRY I KNOW.) Seeing as I’d been twice before it really wasn’t the end of the world but would have been nice to get back into the most relaxing thing. (Picture from the last time I went – if you’re ever in Iceland this a 100% must do.) We spent the rest of our day at a Viking museum instead and then headed back home.

I will definitely be returning to Iceland again and I really am in awe of those lights – I just want to chase them all around the world. Thank you Iceland, my second home.


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