Christmas in London | Kew Gardens and Aladdin’s afternoon tea

Hello you beauts! I’ve had a jam-packed December so far and got up to some really fun things – over the last week I visited London twice to see the Christmas lights at Kew Gardens and for a Disney Aladdin themed afternoon tea – how amazing! I thought I’d share some snaps of these recent festivities.

I visited Kew Gardens with my family and wandered around (in the freeeeezing cold,) watching the lights and little displays. They had masses of lights dancing to music, trees singing Christmas carols as you walked by and rides, food stalls and shops. It was really cute and well worth the massive journey I had to make from Brighton!

The Kew trails ended with a light display over the palm house. The water sprayed up in a circular sheet and the lights were reflected through that – showing fireworks and spelling our Merry Christmas and dancing snowmen – super cute. Kew Gardens is definitely worth a visit this season as there is so much to see and just so many festivities! I’ll definitely be returning for a wander in the summer also!

A few days later me and my boyfriend returned to London to have a genie/Aladdin themed afternoon tea. I’d seen a video by Cosmopolitan magazine shared on social media a few months before and I just knew I had to go – it looked so magical. I had a vegetarian version and my boyfriend had a dairy free version complete with a glass of prosecco. (Held at Cutter and Squidge – Soho – who have regular themed afternoon teas so do keep an eye out!)

We were seated in the cutest purple sparkly cave and treated to our first course – a kind of yoghurty, creamy, pomegranate and raspberry pot with Persian cotton candy and fresh meringue on top, it was sooo soo sweet but so fricken tasty! (I had to chuck half of my meringue at Jack though, definitely can’t stomach that much sugar at once ahaah.)

This was followed with a DE-LISH three tier selection each featuring sandwiches, pastries and lots of sweet treats – including magic carpet cookies, a desert rose tart, scone swirls and macaroons. We nibbled away at these goodies – taking home quite a lot as I was having a serious sugar overload, and ended the night walking back to Victoria looking at Christmas lights and Buckingham Palace.

I always enjoy little trips to London – it’s a bit too much for me to want to live there but I just love to explore every now and then. I’ll be hopping back soon to re-visit Winter Wonderland! Have you been to London this season?


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