New years resolutions | 2018

Hello you beauties! Around about this time last year I wrote up a resolutions post, and I think it actually really helped me stick to the resolutions I had planned – more so than I ever have before, so I thought I’d write another little round-up of my resolutions for the year. I don’t really think a new year is particularly necessary to change how you’re doing things, as you should be happy to introduce goals to your routine at any time, but that being said there is something about a clean slate and the 01/01 on the calendar that brings motivation!

My last years resolutions:

  • Get into a proper skin care routine  I absolutely smashed this last year, trying out a heap of new skincare products and finding a routine that really works for me, I’m super happy with my current skincare and although there can always be improvements I’m definitely on my way there.
  • Drink more water I would say I mainly stuck to this – I could still be having a lot more but compared to the year before last I have definitely improved.
  • Improve my quality of sleep Another one I’ve smashed! I didn’t actually have to do that much to improve this but since moving in with my boyfriend I sleep so much better. I think there’s just something about having a warm cuddly body that helps hahaa. I’ve also been listening to podcasts before falling asleep for a few months now which has been a really big help in relaxing and dosing off.
  • Save more cashola Soooo this one I didn’t quite manage lels. I have earned a little more this year with sponsorships and odd jobs though, so alongside uni and buying furniture for mine and my boyfriends house I’m fairly happy with this point.
  • One second a day I looooved doing this one! 1SE is an app you can get on your phone where you simply record a one second snippet every day. At the end they’re all merged into a video and you get such a cute round-up of your whole year! I probably remembered to do this on about 75% of days and I have the cutesttttt video of my 2017 now which I adore!

My resolutions for 2018:

  • Work on my house – I have been absolutely loving living with my boyfriend in Brighton for the last 6ish months, and although we have most of the necessities for furniture now I really want to work on getting the house perfect this year and something we can be really proud of. We already have some big plans for the start of the year so I’m hoping we can seriously get cracking!
  • Put more effort into Uni – Okay so this point isn’t to say I don’t put effort into uni, but I really really really need to put more effort into it; doing more reading, going to more lectures (eeeek) and revising more than a day or two before important exams – for gods sake Emma!
  • 1SE – Along with last year, I want to make sure I remember to take my one second videos as I genuinely adore my video of 2017. I’m hoping to do this every year and have the best collection to look back on when I’m old.
  • Say yes more – although I love making memories and exploring, I can be sooo lazy when it comes to making plans or going to events etc., but I want to turn this around this year – not necessarily going crazy with it as there’s not a lot I love more than down/chill time, but definitely getting off my butt more often. 😉
  • Read more – I absolutely love a good book but over the last couple of years I haven’t read as much as I would like, and considering I literally have about 50 books piled up in my little office room that are unread but supposed to be great reads I want to get cracking!

So there are my resolutions – for now – I’m sure I’ll be adding to them as I go! What are your resolutions for 2018?


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  1. 21/01/2018 / 5:26 PM

    Love your ideas for new year’s resolutions – they sound realistic and achievable! Good luck with it. xx

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