Boux Avenue January goodies | Discount code

Hello you beauts! The time has come again – the best time of every single month when I get the cutest box of goodies from the babes at Boux. I’m so excited to show you the bad-boys I got this month because everything’s so perfectly suited to January and it’s oh-so much eye candy! Are you readdddyyyyy!? (You can shop all of these goodies and so much more here at Boux Avenue and get 20% off with the code EMMAS20.)

Every Boux Avenue parcel comes so beautifully packaged in a pink and black box, wrapped between layers of lace tissue paper and scattered with scented rose petals! It’s a real luxury treat to open and probably the best packaging I’ve come across. The red, white and pink hues that greeted me the second I unfolded the top sheet of tissue paper made me swooooon.

I received this beaut underwear set this month – the red is so sexy and I feel like a GODDESS when I’m in this – and that really doesn’t happen often haha! The bra is called the ‘Lilian full support bra’ and it retails at £34 – £27.20 with the discount code. You can buy both the thong and briefs separately.

These slippers have officially converted me into a huge slipper lover because my god they are beautiful! I literally adore them – WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE. They’re called the polar bear slippers and they’re only £16! (£12.80 with my code.)

The pièce de résistance is abso-tively this dressing gown. It’s SO perfect for me that I actually already own it from almost a year ago haha! But my old one is 100% worn now as I just lived in it so I’m totally obsessed by this. It’s the fluffiest dressing gown in the entire world (I will fight you on this – it’s true 😉 ) and so damn pretty and luxe. Love love love looooove. This is the ‘winnie waffle robe’ which costs £36 with my code – £9 off!

I also got some gorgeous little gems in the form of white chiffon scented beads – I’ve been eyeing these up for ages – you stick them in your underwear drawer and they make the whole thing smell dreamy! I also got another hand cream – I have a bottle of this in my hand bag which I use all the time so I’m super happy to have a back-up, and finally the stunning white chiffon candle, which is another firm fave of mine. If you ever do shop at Boux Avenue online or in store, it’s well worth having a look at these bad-boys as they’re always really well priced and super cute additions. Remember to use EMMAS20 for 20% off your Boux Avenue haul!

Thank you so much Boux! Until next time!


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