Valentines gift ideas for him!

Hello my beauts! I have a cheeky early Valentines post for you today… I’m a massive fan of Valentines day – I know so many people think it’s a bit of a money con and prefer to celebrate their love ‘all year round,’ and although I totally agree with the latter, I am all about celebrating. Anyone that knows me knows I go 100% overboard because I just love getting jolly and festive about different seasons and occasions. So, if you’re not a big Valentines hater and want to have a peek at my gift idea round up then read on!

I feel like I’ve got a good bunch of ideas for loads of different tastes here – a couple more classy ideas, some safer ones, and then those little special inside jokes ones or funny little side bits. (Just want to add here, almost all of the things I’m sharing today were Christmas presents I gifted my boyfriend, I don’t spend this much on Valentines – although to be honest I would if I could – but I would personally pick a couple of things out of this bunch for Valentines.)

Quite an obvious choice is clothes, especially if you haven’t been a relationship for the longest of times. I love buying clothes for my boyfriend because along with choosing alongside his tastes, I quite often go for things that I know I’ll love him to wear – which so far has worked out really well and he’s super happy with them! I usually have a look at Topman and ASOS for mens clothes and good deals – have a look at these or these socks from ASOS if you want a cheap jokey but practical gift.

If you go all out for Valentines have a look at technology deals – little laptops, tablets like this one from Lenovo, drones and hoverboards are fun boys toys. I also always write down hints people drop. Even if I’m just shopping with a friend, if they point out something they love or need I write it in my phone so I have a whole bunch of ideas for birthdays and events. Chocolate is also ALWAYS a good idea and I’m all about Thornton’s themed chocolates for events – check out this heart plaque which is super affordable and their hampers and bundles – Thornton’s online always have the best bundle ideas which saves you so much money and are such amazing gifts!

If you can pick out childhood loves you’re deffo on to a winner! My boyfriend was all about Pokémon ( 😉 ) when he was younger so for Christmas I bought him this Charmander from build a bear – although it’s so random and not necessarily practical it’s such a cute thing to open when it’s full of nostalgia. Do some digging and find a valentines winner!

As for other ideas, aftershave is alwayssss a good idea – remember to choose a scent you love rather than blind guessing what they want if you have no idea, because you’ll also be the one having to smell it all the time! Alcohol or alcohol sets are also usually a winner, along with a date night! You could make your present an evening out or activity day and it’s just the gift that keeps on giving. (I would personally book these for a date near valentines but not on the actual day because it’ll cost sooo much more, but you do you!)

What do you think? Do you have any gift ideas to add!? If you want to try out something new this valentines you could have a peek at these cheeky internet dating sites – Yorkshire dating sites, Berkshire dating sites, dating in Devon, single men in Somerset, date Nottingham singles and adult dating. Have the best valentines!

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