Luxe eBay home buys for less!

Hello beautiful people! I’m going to have to add a homeware section to this blog I think – I’m so obsessed with homeware since moving house – and combined with the fact I’m always after a bargain I can feeeeel these posts flowing. I’ve been really into peoples home tours on YouTube lately (I’ll be uploading my own sometime soon!) and I’ve had soo much inspiration, but the issue lies where a lot of these ladies are rolling in the cashola; and I’m definitely not! So I thought I’d pool together some of my favourite home inspiration pictures and link some bargain dupes.

Sofa dupe here | £490 | Similars have cost upwards of £1000
Large round wall mirror | £43 |
White and wooden tray | £8 |
Cantilever Dining chairs | £60 set of two | Spray the legs golden/copper with furniture spray paint
Glass dining table | £60 | White Eiffel table | £60-80 |
Floor lamp | £37 | Industrial bulb lamp | £30 |

I’m really into simple, muted colour palettes with most living spaces – they feel clean and calm and when you add pops of colour with statement pieces I think it’s really personal and cosy.

I’m really in love with the wooden touches bringing depth to this room. I wishhh I could have a log burner/snazz-pajaz ceiling like this in my house but all in good time right?

You can get wood effect wallpaper from Go Wallpaper – this company is super affordable and realistic, I would definitely use them again! 
Coffee table
| £75 |
Armchair | £79 |
Not the rug in the picture but obsessed with this design! | £30 |
Copper globe | £20 | Tripod table lamp | £15 | Artificial plants here, here and here | £6+ |

A couple of extra stunning pieces you should have a peep at to jazz up your home for pennies include this ceiling plant hanger, these bronze rabbit statues, and these artificial flowers. I think greenery, plants and flowers adds so much to houses and make them feel so much more homely to me – it feels relaxing to be surrounded by life. With that being said, they often take a lot to keep alive (and a lot of flowers just don’t want to live in the house,) needs a lot of light and so on, so fake plants and flowers is also a great option!

Until next time you beauts!



  1. 13/02/2018 / 10:34 PM

    I never even thought to look on eBay for home decor!! I have just moved into a new flat so I am all about homeware recently – thanks for the tip 🙂 xx

  2. 13/02/2018 / 9:31 AM

    Great post! Furnishing a home can be so expensive. I think it’s great you have found affordable dupes. 🙂

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