LUSH Valentines collection 2018 | Demo

Hello you lovelies! I’m obsessed with LUSH’s seasonal collections, and I’ve been trying their Valentines collections for at least three years now! I just loove cute pink love-themed things, so combined with my love of bath products and bath bombs LUSH nails it for me every Valentines. I had a peek through all the options this year and decided to get a little mixture of bombs and bubble bars to get a good round-up – I’ve talked about all the products in this blog post and I created a short two minute demo video shown at the end of the post so you can really see the products in action. Let’s get into it…

Love boat | £4.25 | This bath bomb is 100% the star of the show this year. It’s SO ADORABLE and really decently sized, and the pink and blue merge beautifully to create a fairly transparent lilac with swirly patterns on top. It has a very fresh zesty scent with the use of orange and lemon oils. (A cheeky hint – if you’re all about the Insta picture you need to hold the boat in the water as you take photos as it flips upside down straight away when you let go lolsss.) I really love this one and I definitely need to stock up before they’re discontinued!

Unicorn horn is a recurring product LUSH have graced us with before. In the past it’s been more pastel with stars integrated through it and I do have to say I preferred that aesthetically, but once it’s all crumbled and in the bath this one’s a real winner. The scent of this one isn’t particularly strong but it’s made with lavender and neroli oils which are supposed to be super relaxing.

Sex bomb (top bath picture) | £3.75 | This bomb is actually part of the permanent range but I had to include it in this post because you can’t get more perfectly suited to Valentines! It’s a really quick fizzer and leaves the bath beautifully pink – scented with jasmine and ylang ylang this is definitely one of my favourites.

Rose bombshell (picture directly above) | £4.50 | I really loved this one before using it in the bath because how fricken pretty!? But actually it’s not my favourite when in use. It’s a fairly creamy fizz but it leaves kind of creamy goop splodges on top which I didn’t really love, and the yellow petals within it are a bit clashy to the rest of the bath in my opinion haha! The scent is quite pretty with a mixture of sweet floral notes. I’m glad to have tried it but I don’t think I’ll be buying it again.

Heart of enlightened expectation | £4.50 | This bubble bar was definitely the worst of the bunch for me. First up, I’m not the biggest fan of yellow/golden coloured baths because I just resembles pee – sorry. 😉 But other than that this bubble bar didn’t have the best scent. It felt a bit old/mecidinal scented and I just don’t know what they were aiming for with this one, it’s pretty to look at but that’s literally as far as it goes – eeeek!

Tisty tosty | £3.50 | This bath bomb is another gorgeous one and one of the better priced options from the range. Another friendly face that LUSH have brought back but revamped with the pink and white layers. It fizzes away spreading its little rose buds – have a look at the video below to see this in action – and has one of the most insta-worthy results! I love this one and I hope they continue to bring it back annually!

Have you tried anything out from the LUSH Valentines collection? What’s caught your eye most out of my picks!?



    • Emma
      08/02/2018 / 10:58 AM

      They always get it so spot on don’t they!xxx

  1. 08/02/2018 / 4:37 AM

    LOVE Lush!! I could spend all day in there!! We don’t have one where I live, but whenever I get in one, Im there for hours!

    Just your pictures of your bath bombs relaxed me. Haha

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