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Hello you beauts! I’ve recently been introduced to a brand new company – Confetti – an online marketplace selling wedding décor, accessories, cake toppers, stationery and more. A few of my friends have been getting engaged recently and although I’m not currently planning my own wedding – one day 😉 – I’m really interested in these Pinterest-worthy favours and details. I just think it’s so much eye-candy to see and will definitely come in useful in the future – when it’s your turn and you know where all the best bargains are and where your tastes really lie!

The Confetti website pools together products and ideas in themed categories – so you can research themes like beach, nature, rustic, bohemian (me all over when it comes to weddings!) fairy-tales and more. I think this is such a good feature and I’ve not personally seen any wedding websites quite like it; I feel like it’s a big ol’ online magazine with so many ideas – which is really important when it comes to weddings so it’s not all too overwhelming and daunting. I also think this tool is an epic party planning technique as you can easily make everything coherent with decorations and details.

In terms of Valentines, Confetti has a gorgeous section dedicated to personalised gifts and Valentines day – soo many cute decorations and baking treats ready for the most insaneee set-up. I’ve bookmarked the personalised flasks page as a cute gift idea for my boyfriend in the future. They’re really fun and come in pretty handy, but adding personalisation definitely adds another dimension to them as a gift, making them so sentimental and something to hold on to.

For me personally, I’m really eyeing up the golden engraved glasswear and signs – these can be personalised so they’ll be a gorgeous home addition at any time, as you can add whatever message you like! I want to get one to hang nearby the bar me and my boyfriend share in our living room.

I’m planning to have a similar set up to this on Valentines day with some cute pink baking treats, flowers, a decent dinner and rose petals scattered around. I just adore celebrating (I feel like I’ve said this 1000 times on my blog recently ahah!) so I love to go all out whenever I get the chance to! It’s really lovely to create an ambience with your loved ones to enjoy each others company in a setting slightly different to the usual when it comes to special occasions. If you’re looking at some loooove themed party pieces or  wedding planning be sure to give Confetti a peek!

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