Valentines date ideas

Hello you lovelies! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m such a big Valentines lover! As the Valentines haters say, you should be showing your love all through the year, and although I totally agree with that, there ain’t nothing wrong with a special day to sit down, have a good meal and dedicate a day/an evening to reminiscing through your good times and planning more to come. I wanted to write a little round-up of Valentines date ideas, things I would love to do and plan to do in the future.

Have a movie-night in with a good meal, blankets, candles and cuddles. If you’re not into the idea of spending lots of money on Valentines day (we’re saving for our travels this year so won’t be going too expensive!) then this is such a nice way to have a private romantic evening together. I always think it’s a cute idea when couples split the meal prep – if you’re making your own food have one of you guys making the starter and dessert, and one making the main meal! A takeaway is always a special treat also – I love Deliveroo for special nights in (you can use the code ’emmas7172′ for money off your first order.) Scatter some rose petals around your bed/bath and you’ve reached ultimate cute-ness. (& possible cringe-ness, but whatever floats your boat 😉 – I’m all about the cringe life!) You can buy 1000 rose petals for under a fiver on Amazon here!

Re-visit some of your fave couple spots. When you first started dating was there a spot you would always meet at? Or a specific bar you had your first date in? I think revisiting these places and sharing some special time together is one of the best ideas for Valentines because it really makes you appreciate all your time together and the bigger picture of your relationship. Cuteeee!

Play mini golf (in Brighton we have Globalls which is inside and UV lit, or you can check out Junkyard Golf in London which has loads of amazing indoor courses also.) I think this is a lovely idea to do with your loved one as you can have a play and a joke together and go for a nice meal afterwards! It’s also worth considering bowling and pool which is always a cute date idea. Finally, try something new, or out of your comfort zone! Go tree-top climbing, indoor skydiving or skiing – these activities always leave you with so much to talk about and discuss and will 100% create the best memories!

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  1. 09/02/2018 / 2:58 PM

    My boyfriend and I are also saving so we won’t be doing anything this year except maybe order a take away, I know people think couples can be cringey on Valentines but I love seeing people spread love, it’s so cute! x


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