Feeling the Valentines spirit | Where would you get married?

Hello you beauts! Another looove post today for you – I’ve only got a couple more soppy Valentines posts up my sleeve so you can either enjoy it while it lasts or be thankful when they end – wherever you fit! 😉 I wanted to base a post today around wedding venues – I never actually thought about the big day when I was little. You hear stories about girls that have been planning their day their whole life but honestly I don’t actually know anyone that has fully thought about it until way down the line! With that being said, recently – since falling in love with Iceland really – I’ve had a couple of ideas and I wanted to theme a little Valentines post around them and share with you.

Iceland – so my number one thought, as of late at least is Iceland. You can wed in Iceland on top of cliffs, under the Northern Lights (if you’re ridiculously lucky,) by waterfalls, snow/greenery (depending on the time of year,) and it’s just so naturally beautiful and such a gorgeous place to get married. This is 100% one I will consider as it would truly be unforgettable and the most incredibly stunning memories. I’ve been to Iceland three times now and I really did leave my heart there. I just love it!

Go gorgeously British! Getting married in the UK would obviously be so much easier for everyone to attend – if you’re going big it’s definitely the top contender and generally the most traditional. There are so many English mansions and home that host the most stunning weddings and are so worth considering! I’ve recently been introduced to Notely Abbey in Buckinghamshire which is seriously stunning and well worth considering! You can have a look at their website here. I think if I get married in the UK I’d want the location to be within easy driving distance to everyone but also not too close to home, so it’s still a bit different and magical.

Another abroad country I would deeply consider is Italy – although my boyfriends sister is planning to get married there so I wouldn’t want it to be too similar ya know? That’s her special place now. 😉 But in terms of Italy there are so many ridiculously beautiful options, and you can generally be sure that the weather will hold out and be sunny and warm. You can consider cliff-top weddings, blissful beaches, the most beautiful homes within Tuscany and surrounding areas – it’s just such an amazing place. Maybe on mine and my boyfriends road trip of Italy this year I’ll keep a solid eye out!

Another top thing I would consider for my wedding day – the least traditional form in the world I know – would be to get married in private, to elope. My parents were married together with just one close family friend in a private ceremony and it’s made me really consider the idea! I would love to celebrate my wedding with family and friends in a huge party but for the actual marriage itself I love the idea of going private. Both me and my boyfriend would feel pretty shy with too many faces watching us get married and I think this would be our way of creating much more personal, meaningful memories. (We’ve been together for a couple of years and have lived with each other coming up a year by the way in case you worry I’m going to put a new boyfriend off by writing all this stuff down in a post by the way!)

What do you think? Have you ever considered where you’d get married?

*This is a collaborative post


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