Fabulous Fragrances!

I wanted to write a post about some of my favourite smells. Our senses are the most fabulous parts of being alive – imagine life with no smell, no taste, no feeling your fluffy cat, seeing your beautiful family or hearing your favourite song! All of this is what makes us human, so lets embrace it!

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Pictured (in awful quality, I will update my camera, promise!) above are a few of my favourite smells at the moment! Lets start with the weird soap block over there. This is ‘Bohemian’ soap from LUSH- one of my very favourite shops! It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but the smell more than makes up for that! It’s soo citrusy, and entirely vegan. (Not that you’re dying to eat it I’m sure…)

I’ll skip to the other random, it’s ‘Bleu De Chanel’, it may be for men, and it may be my boyfriends, but it’s fucking gorgeous! A lovely smelling man is one of the most attractive things – just as a sweaty smelling man is one of the most unattractive things! If you’re stuck for finding your boyfriend a present, you can never go wrong with an aftershave. I highly recommend this one! You can buy Bleu de Chanel in many shops, for around £48 for a 50ml bottle. Again, it’s just one of my favourite smells!

Banged in there are three of my perfumes; Honey by Marc Jacobs, Daisy by Marc Jacobs and Laugh with me Lee Lee, by Benefit. These are my three most used at the moment, I’ve had Daisy (eau so fresh edition) for a while now and it’s right at the end of its life *cries to self* – boyfriend hint. But it’s done me very well through owning it! Only downfall is the fragrance really doesn’t last all that long but if you keep topping it up through the day it is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve haven’t had ‘Honey’ too long now, i just remember absolutely falling in loooove with it at the shop. It’s always on hand if I want a fresh fragrance! Finally, Laugh with me Lee Lee by Benefit is absolutely lurrrvely! I’ve now had three bottles of this particular scent, it’s my every day scent at the moment and I can’t imagine tiring of it! If they ever discontinue this I will write copious letters of complaints… 😉

Yankee Candles! I think every home should have one of this beauties in every room. (Okay, that may be a littleee far but they’re just too damn good!) The best one i’ve smelt so far is the one pictured above – Pink Sands. I can’t really describe the scent so if you haven’t already had a sniff I greatly suggest you go and try it out! You can buy one of these in medium for £16.99. For winter (early planning here guys) salted caramel is absolutely scrumptious!

The air freshener here, is febreze in ‘Spring, limited edition’ obviously they will not be selling this any more but I had to list it;  if my house could do with a quick spritz i will always grab this little guy! I bought a few when they were being sold as they were so lovely, but i’m currently at the end of my last bottle – boo!

Lastly on my beautiful smells list of the day is Bed Head ‘Dumb Blonde Shampoo’. It smells very sweet and has kind of bubblegum undertones, the only issue with this particular shampoo (and the conditioner) is that you have to spend a hell of a lot more time washing it out of your hair! It just never seems to go, but if you manage to get it all out it’s so lovely to walk around getting a waft of this delightful fragrance emanating off your hair! You can buy both the shampoo and conditioner for around 20-25 pounds together.

So there are my favourite fragrances at the moment!




  1. 31/07/2014 / 1:29 AM

    I love pretty smells.

  2. 31/07/2014 / 1:29 AM

    I love pretty smells.

    • 31/07/2014 / 12:26 AM

      It is the BEST isn’t it?!

    • 31/07/2014 / 12:26 AM

      It is the BEST isn’t it?!

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