My name is Emma, a 21 year old who has recently moved to Brighton – for uni and forever with my boyfriend. I first set up this blog in July 2014 after falling in love with a few others – I wanted to have my own little corner of the web to share my thoughts.  I mainly write about beauty, food and travel now; although to be honest sometimes things just fall into my mind and I want to type them out. I have lived a good few years whilst blogging on the side so it just seems natural now to blog as I go. I know there are millions of blogs all over the place at the moment and to be honest I’m one to celebrate this – I feel like a lot of people have an issue with so many ‘jumping on the bandwagon,’ but I personally think there’s room for everyone here and I love seeing the community growing!

If you ever want to chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch! I love to hear from new people and discuss ideas and thoughts.

Thank you so much for having a look around. See you soon!


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